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Document Translations

Millions of pages later, we still excel at document translations - all types and sizes. 

We can handle any file type, including:

  • PDFs
  • Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker etc.
  • Markup types: XML, IDML, etc.
  • Microsoft suite - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
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(Video, e-Learning etc.)

We can help you successfully deliver your audio-visual materials in any language.

  • Subtitling Services
  • Voiceovers (VO) & Voice Recordings
  • Video Translations
  • Transcription Services
  • Audio-visual Synchronization
  • E-Learning materials - video, audio, on-screen content/localization

Translation of multimedia files and materials pose special challenges.  There are many file types, formats, layers, fonts, modes and media - you get the picture!  We can work with your software platform to help deliver your multilinguial content.

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IT Translations &
Software Localization

This field addresses the adaptation of computer software (and related content) to different languages, regional differences and/or technical requirements of a target market (locale).

We can help with:

  • Software User Interface (UI) translation
  • Messaging and screens 
  • Supporting documentation

We work with clients with varied software platforms - we will efficiently work with your desired software platform to make it easier for your project teams.

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DTP - Multilingual
Desktop Publishing

Your documents are not boring, and that's a good thing!  As your complete language solutions partner, we can handle all types of documents, layouts and formatting.  

Most documents have design and layout - ranging in complexity from a simple Word or PDF document to elaborate design files commonly used in marketing and other client-facing publications.

We commonly work with all the major DTP tools in the marketplace, including:

  • Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker etc.
  • Photoshop, Quark
  • Markup types: XML, IDML, etc.
  • Microsoft suite - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
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Website Translations

Should I use an automated translation tool for my website? In short, no!  

If you care about accuracy, then you need human linguists to produce your website translation.

  • Translate to any target language
  • Accuracy with respect to target locales and tonal inflections
  • We work with your CMS (Content Management System) platform
  • We deliver in your desired file format(s) for easy consumption by your web team and/or CMS

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Phone Interpreting (OPI)

We offer on-demand Telephonic Interpreting 24/7/365.

(Also called OPI or Over the Phone Interpreting.)

  • Consistent, reliable connection times - typically less than 30 seconds
  • U.S.-based interpreters with fluency in over 100 languages
  • Credentialed OPI experts for any industry
  • Ensured accuracy and privacy
  • Services adhere to U.S. Health & Compliance Regulations
  • Ability to communicate with Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients, patients, or internal team members

Contact us to learn about our easy sign-up process! 

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Content Types and API Integration

We have a strong IT support team and often work with clients in the platform or API of their choice. We have years of experience working with files and content in many formats:

  • XML, JSON and other industry standards
  • Native Design file formats such as (InDesign) INDD, FrameMaker, StoryLine etc.
  • File transfer protocols such as DropBox, WeTransfer, FTP, etc.
    Translation APIs

There are several major types of Translation APIs in the marketplace, and one size does not fit all! With our larger clients, we work using the API and/or technology they prefer to optimize the partnership and minimize the processing overhead.

Some past technologies and APIs we have worked with include:

  • RESTful Web Services
  • Gengo
  • Zanata
  • SmartLing
  • XTRF
  • SDL

We welcome the chance to work with you on YOUR preferred technology platform!

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Language Translation Services

Translations consist of more than just replacing content from one language to another. It involves nuance and a deep understanding of the source and target languages, as well as the subject matter being translated.

Regardless of the technology, the process starts with exceptional linguists!

Foreign Translations offers professional translation services  - our linguists are all professionals with a proven track record in their industries - many with advanced degrees and diplomas in translation, localization, and interpreting. We have been around since 1998, and many of our linguists have been with us for 10 or more years!

Core Languages

Foreign Translations provides linguistic services for all the major world languages!  Our "Big 6" language sets are (all varieties of):

  1. Spanish
  2. French
  3. Chinese
  4. Portuguese
  5. Japanese
  6. German

See "Languages: Core Languages" section for more information.

Foreign Translations, serving Charlotte, NC, offers a proven approach that emphasizes high-quality linguists and leverages technology to deliver efficiencies in cost, delivery and quality control.

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Ready to learn more?

Visit our Knowledge Center area for much more information. 
Of course you can always contact us for more information. We have been in business since 1998 and we are enjoy the status of being experts in the field of translation services!

Here is sample of the type of information from our Knowledge Center area.

What is DTP?
DTP is a throwback term to the days of traditional desktop publishing.  In the world of translation services, it refers to the work required when content must be dissected prior to translation and/or re-assembled after translation.  This is common for design files (like Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker etc.) where the visible content is created in many layers within the content tool.

Your Translation team must extract exactly what has to be translated, and make sure the target translated content fits perfectly back into the visual layout expected.

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