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Tens Machines And The Electrical Nerve Muscle Stimulation

You may not know this but your brain actually communicates with your body in the same way that electricity is conducted through a wire. The electrical impulses created by your brain are sent through your nervous system to the various parts of the body that it needs to do something. If you need to sit up or take a walk around the room, your brain uses your motor neurons to control and communicate with your muscles to make them do what they are supposed to. That whole concept is the basis for using a Tens machine in the first place. Even though the theory is sound, electrical nerve stimulation is often a heated debate amongst health practitioners, and is mainly due to a few inconsistencies in the results.People often try to do their best when it comes to getting into shape and others simply want a quick fix solution.

The Tens machines electrical nerve muscle stimulation is seen as a possible substitute for exercise by some people and in so doing, they create the misconceptions that everyone is talking about. If you are under the impression that you can just sit there and let it do all the work for you then you are sorely mistaken. People don't seem to realise that strong muscles are not made from short circuiting the nerves and forcing them to contract alone. If anything, the impulses simply condition your muscle tissue to contract under tension. All that means is, they are better prepared to contract under stress, i.e. - when you are actually exercising them. When your muscles are better prepared for exercise they can handle the exercise better and you can push a little harder to improve your own performance. When you push past your current peak, you invariably get stronger and better at what you are doing and that is essentially the point of doing it all in the first place.

In addition to all the exercise you are doing, you will also need to eat right as well. It won't help to do all that exercise and then you end up eating junk food after you have just exercised. You might think its okay because of the exercise but in essence you are undoing everything you have just done.For that reason it is important to be conscious of your lifestyle choices if you are going to see a difference in the exercises that you are doing. You will also start to notice how using the Tens machines makes the difference as well when you use it all together.